Saturday, June 23, 2018
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WATCH: Tom Arnold Makes Wild Claims About Michael Cohen. Cohen Shoots Them Down.
Actor Tom Arnold gave a series of bizarre interviews on left-wing networks CNN and MSNBC on Friday about his recent encounter with President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen, claiming that they were going to spend the weekend together and that they were talking about Trump's legal matters.Arnold, who was widely mocked over his appearances on the networks, seemed...
Hypocrite: Anti-Gun David Hogg Caught Taking Stroll in NYC with Apparent Armed Guards Feet Away
Self-defense for me, but not for you: That seems to be the new message of anti-Second Amendment advocate David Hogg, at least if claims by people who spotted him in New York City recently are correct. Earlier this week, the spotlight-seeking Parkland student-turned activist was photographed in the Big Apple apparently flanked by bodyguards with military haircuts and Secret Service-style...
WATCH: De Blasio, Other Lefty Mayors Get Turned Away From Texas Migrant Camp
On Thursday, a political stunt was slapped down at the southern border of the U.S. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and dozens of other left-wing mayors from across the nation were turned away from a detention center located along the southern border in Texas. According to ABC 7 News, the mayor and his Democratic counterparts "requested access to the detention...
Tom Arnold says he's teaming up with Trump's ex-Lawyer Michael Cohen and 'taking Trump down'
Comedian Tom Arnold said Friday that he and President Trump’s former longtime personal lawyer are teaming up to “take down” the president. Arnold tweeted a photo with Michael Cohen on Thursday with the caption "I Love New York," which Cohen retweeted without comment. Arnold then told NBC News that he met with Cohen as part of a show he is working on for Vice, in which he...
Trump rips media for ignoring Angel Families whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants
President Donald Trump on Friday went after what he described as a media double standard on immigration laws, as he honored families whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants and accused the press of ignoring them to focus on the plight of migrants caught crossing the border.After a week of saturation coverage on illegal immigrant parents separated from...

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