• Apple drives further into Facebook, Snap territory with video app

    By Stephen Nellis | SAN FRANCISCO With the release of a new video app called Clips, Apple Inc is inching one step closer to fully engaging in the messaging world, where its huge base of iPhone users could help it compete with Snap Inc’s Snapchat and Facebook Inc’s Messenger. Clips, which will hit Apple’s App […]

  • YouTube under fire for hiding LGBT videos

    YouTube is coming under fire for hiding LGBT-related videos in its ‘Restricted Mode’ that is designed to screen out objectionable content. “People are just starting to realize the extent of it, particularly in regards to LGBT-related content and that is the restricted content mode,” explained British video blogger and activist Rowan Ellis, in a YouTube […]

  • Airbus took the wraps off its futuristic flying car, and it’s pretty insane

    If you rolled your eyes and uttered a cynical “yeah, right” last year when you read about Airbus’s plan for a futuristic flying car, then you’ll be surprised at what showed up at the Geneva Motor Show this week. The aerospace giant unveiled a wickedly cool design for its ambitious “Pop.Up” transportation system, an autonomous […]

  • Bat robot takes wing Fancy flight tricks are a breeze for a new flying robot. Call it an acrobat. Bat Bot, a lightweight flier with thin silicone wings stretched over a carbon fiber skeleton, can cruise, dive and bank turn just like its namesake, researchers report February 1 in Science Robotics. Such a maneuverable machine could one day […]

  • Gadget Ogling: Gaming’s New Virtual Reality Frontier and Personal Cargo Robots

    Welcome to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, the column that occasionally stops gaping at contentious Senate confirmation hearings and votes to peruse the latest gadget announcements. This time around, we’re looking at some of the gadgets that perhaps got a little lost in the noise after CES in January but caught our eye, for better or […]