Friday, December 15, 2017
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‘Bike Lock’ Antifa Professor Gets His First Lesson in Justice, Pretrial Date Set

Remember the ‘Bike Lock’ Antifa Professor? He Just Got His First...

The Antifa professor involved in assaulting Trump supporters with a bicycle lock will be headed to court two months from now, following a postponement. As...
Transgender ‘Man’ is Woman Enough To Give Birth

2017: Transgender ‘Man’ is Woman Enough To Give Birth (Video)

A woman has given birth to a healthy new baby. This shouldn’t be news, but it’s 2017, and so it is–but only because she...

Pediatrician Absolutely Nails It: Transgenderism is a DANGER to Children (Video)

The assumption that transgenderism is a perfectly healthy “kid thing” is just as silly as a Hillary Clinton presidency. Or curdled obesity being healthy. At...
There is Now an Official AntiFa Music Video

Watch: There is Now an Official AntiFa Music Video

Get ready for the best thing you have ever seen in your life. This video makes you feel so warm inside. And throughout the...
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Video: Megyn Kelly Hits Back — Parades Women Out on Show...

Former FOX News host and anti-Trumper Megyn Kelly invited several Trump accusers on her show on Monday more than a year after the accusations...

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