Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Military option for North Korea being prepared for President Trump, McMaster says threat is 'immediate'
The Trump administration is considering a wider range of strategies on how to deal with the North Korea threat, including the military option, Trump's national security adviser said Wednesday. “The threat is much more immediate now and so it’s clear that we can’t repeat the same approach – failed approach of the past,” H.R. McMaster, the adviser, said during a...
Timeline:  Syrian fire hits Golan during Netanyahu visit
11:30 p.m.Israel’s military targeted a Syrian military post that fired a mortar into the Israeli-controlled side of the Golan Heights during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the area.Netanyahu was visiting an Israeli town in the Golan Wednesday. He said Israel’s policy is “whoever attacks us, we will attack him.”The military said the mortar was “errant fire” from Syria...
Homeland Security Department demanding Airlines around the World step up Security
The Homeland Security Department is demanding that airlines around the world step up security measures for international flights bound for the United States or face the possibility of a total electronics ban for planes.Compliance with the new rules could lead to the lifting of a ban on laptops and other large electronics already in place for airlines flying to...
Chuck Schumer uses Senate rule to delay meeting on ‘unmasking’ by Obama officials
A national security briefing for Senate Judiciary Committee members was delayed Wednesday after a top Democrat invoked a procedural rule to delay the closed-door meeting.Committee members had expected to use the briefing to press for further details about the Obama White House’s steps to “unmask” of members of the Trump campaign and transition officials. Lawmakers on the committee said...
YouTube channel teaches kids about dressing in drag and being transgender: ‘Queer Kid Stuff’
“Queer Kid Stuff,” a wacko YouTube channel geared toward teaching children about sexual preferences, homosexuality, transgenderism, and more, celebrated “Pride Month” by releasing a video talking to kids about people dressing in drag. The producer and host of “Queer Kid Stuff,” Lindsay Amer, created the channel in June 2016 to help children ages 3-7 better understand the LGBT community, according to...

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