Monday, December 11, 2017
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Muslim-proofing is becoming an expensive proposition in the Western world.The Christmas market on la Croix-Rousse hill in Lyon, France, has been canceled because organizers cannot afford the €20,000 ($23538.80) security budget. This isn't the first Christmas cancellation due to 'The Religion Of Peace" See: Traditional Christmas Event Canceled — You Can Probably Guess WhyThe annual Christmas market, with its stalls, marquee, and...
‘Trans-racial’ Dolezal Stays Woke With 2018 Photo Calendar
Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who claims to be “trans-racial,” has designed a 2018 calendar which urges readers to “get woke.” Grab your nearest garbage can and get ready to vomit!The calendar, which is being sold on her personal website, has already sold out. It features various pictures of Dolezal taken “by four portrait photographers,” with her “own inspirational quotes” written...
Sheriff Clarke Reveals a Big Change Happening in ‘Black America’ Because of Trump
Sheriff David Clarke pulls no punches when it comes to explaining his thoughts on the current state of black America, and on Saturday he once again presented his take on the relationship between the black community and President Trump. Sheriff Clarke appeared on the weekend edition of Fox and Friends to discuss major Civil Rights icons, including Rep. John Lewis,...
Watch: ANTIFA BEATS HEADS At Kate Steinle Memorial March in Portland
Portland, Oregon based Patriot Prayer group endeavored to hold a rally and march in honor of Kate Steinle this Saturday.And as expected Antifa Communists just had to show up to cause trouble.Patriot Prayer is led by Joey Gibson and generally regarded as the area’s main collection of Trump supporters. Two fights burst out and Antifa basically got their butts handed...
Peshmerga forces captured isis vehicle
Who do you think would win: A 60-ton steel juggernaut armed with a cannon and computerized targeting system, both the result of a hundred years of precision engineering and combat trials, or a Toyota Tundra with some sheet metal welded to it?If you picked the tank, then congratulations. You are smarter than the entirety of Islamic State Group high...

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