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Trump cranks up heat on Obama, Brennan after claims campaign may have been infiltrated

President Donald Trump sought to turn the tables on the Obama administration Monday after demanding…

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Polls Show Democrat Advantage ‘CUT IN HALF’

As President Trump’s approval rating continues to rise after a string of economic and diplomatic…

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California Files 32 LAWSUITS Against the Trump Administration

The “California resistance” against Donald Trump includes at least 32 separate lawsuits since he took…

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James Clapper Says Spying on Trump was ‘A GOOD THING’

The former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper raised eyebrows throughout Washington Thursday night; bizarrely…

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OMG! Giuliani walked all over CNN’s Chris Cuomo and THE LEFT IS PISSED!

In an interview on CNN this morning, Chris Cuomo tried to point out that Trump…