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Prince Harry Meets Melania Trump -- Invictus Games in Canada (Photos/Video) 1
Prince Harry officially became the first member of the Royal Family to meet a Trump since last year's Presidential Election when he met First Lady Melania Trump in Toronto ahead of the Invictus Games' opening ceremony on Saturday.   Prince Harry met FLOTUS Melania Trump at Toronto's Sheraton hotel during her first solo foreign tripMELANIA Trump is leading the US delegation at...
Women Are Flocking to Plastic Surgeons To Look Like Ivanka and Melania -- Despite The Narrative Against Them
Leftists can lash out at President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, Knock Menalia Trump's shoes, and Ivanka's business enterprises because they feel “triggered” and want to take a stand for women everywhere. They can do that all they want.But there is a growing number of women who, on some level, want to emulate them. One relatively new trend in plastic...
Watch: Denzel Washington Sets Actors Straight With 5 Conservative Words -- Plus Other Conservative Denzel Videos
Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood's most celebrated actor, producer, and directors. He has received at least 3 Golden Globe awards and a Tony Award. He has also received 2 Academy Awards, one for Best Supporting Actor in the film Glory. He’s probably best known recently for his role in Training Day.He’s not only successful, but he isn’t afraid...
Watch: Joe Rogan Throws Down on “Whiny ‘P*ssys,” Perfectly Explains Dedication and Hard Work
Joe Rogan was having a conversation with Cameron Hanes, a bow-hunting athlete and a fellow podcaster. The conversation was about hard work, and the complaints one hears from people who don’t work hard. The two shared some gems any hardworking American can appreciate.ROGAN: There are levels to this life. There’s levels to dedication, to discipline, to drive, to focus. To...
Watch: UW-Madison video of police in pig masks being beheaded -- University officials okay with it
What the hell is wrong with the students at UW-Madison, and universities in general? Now we have college students ‘beheading’ cops wearing a pig mask, just to promote their clothing line.And to top it off the university is okay with it.Marc Lovicott, spokesman for the UW-Madison Police Department, said the department was aware of the video.“We do not agree with the message,...

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