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Muslims Strapped to ‘Tiger Chairs,’ Forced to Consume Alcohol and Pork in Chinese Cultural Purity Camps

Up to one million Chinese Muslims are currently being held in “reeducation” camps in the…

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FBI snooping revelations spur new questions, demands about Trump probe origin

Revelations that an FBI informant was in contact with members of the Trump campaign during…

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BREAKING: Masked Men Open Fire On Crowd In France With AK-47s, Report Says

An unknown number of masked gunmen opened fire on a crowd of people in France…

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WTF is she going on about?! Kamala Harris plays race card in tweet to #RaiseTheWage, gets WRECKED on econ

She’s running. There is no hiding it anymore. We know, we say that a lot…

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Hillary Embarrasses Herself Over Her Election Loss — Again — This Time At Her Alma Mater (Video)

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Yale University’s graduating class she’s “still not over”…