Video Montage of Media Predicting Trump's End Exposes Bias

Sure, you already know media is more left-leaning than Liberace is flamboyant. But why make comparisons or opine on the wetness of water and blueness of the sky when you can just as easily watch this media montage which hilariously pokes media for being bias?

My favorite media compilation is still the one where media predicted Hillary would sweep the election like the Wicked Witch threatening to take your little dog too. But any montage exposing a truth the leftist media kicks and screams about is worth it. Here’s a fun montage of Hillary saying “If I’d have won.” Since we’re talking about fun montages.

If media has been predicting the end of Trump for going on two years now, and Trump is still hashtag winning, does that make the mainstream media fake news or not fake news? There seems to be some confusion on the matter.

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