VIDEO: Liberal Tom Arnold Goes After Conservative Dean Cain Over a Twitter Skirmish

This is like the Superman 3 of mismatches. With Dean Cain as Christopher Reeves, and Tom Arnold as Richard Pryor. Only Richard Pryor was a comedic genius. Tom Arnold is a turd who was married to Roseanne. Not sure if that marriage is a boon or a nugget of kryptonite.

The Cain vs. Arnold beef started because Arnold is pissed that Cain has a different opinion. As we understand it, there was some Twitter scuffling in which Arnold accused Cain of being a racist. Their paths crossed whiled Cain promoted the Gosnell movie. Meanwhile, Tom Arnold was promoting his anti-Trump show no one watches.

Actors Tom Arnold and Dean Cain took a feud that began on Twitter and turned it into a real-life heated argument backstage at Larry King’s studio on Tuesday.

“I’m not a racist person; I never have been,” an irritated Cain says to Arnold in video obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

So they kissed and made up. Until The Hollywood Reporter dropped the video of the skirmish. Then the Cain vs. Arnold tussle went back in the microwave for a reheating.

I realize the above is confusing. Sorry. First it was Arnold accusing Cain of “YOU SO RACIST.” Then the real-life confrontation. Then Hollywood Reporter posted their video to start it all up again. Then:

So not all is roses in the land of Cain and Arnold. In fact Dean Cain retweeted this from Nick Searcy:

From the looks of it, Arnold and Cain will never, ever, ever get back together.

The greater lesson here is don’t be a dick on Twitter. I know that’s hard for many people who are on Twitter. But if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face offline, don’t say it online. A lesson Arnold apparently still hasn’t learned.

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