FIREWORKS! Lindsey Graham GOES OFF on Democrats “This is the Most Unethical Sham Since I’ve Been in Politics!” (VIDEO)

Top Republican Senator Lindsey Graham unleashed fury on the Democrats Thursday at Kavanaugh’s hearing.

Senator Graham angrily pointed at Democrats and accused them of destroying Kavanaugh’s life to hold the SCOTUS seat open in hopes they win in 2020.

“This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics!” shouted Graham as he looked around the room.

Brett Kavanaugh delivered an emotional yet bold, 45-minute testimony on Thursday.

Kavanaugh repeated many times he wanted to give his testimony immediately after Ford alleged he sexually assaulted her at a high school party decades ago.

The Democrats dragged out the process and it took 10 days to hold the hearing–in that 10 days, the media ran one hit piece after another against Kavanaugh.

Watch Lindsey Graham explode on the Democrats!


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