I want my sex back

Transgenders are ranked #1 on the left’s Pound-for-Pound Most Marginalized Rankings. They’ve held the prestigious title since the left realized screaming “sexism” wasn’t enough to elect Hillary Clinton. Well buckle up, because this new documentary on transgender regret, I Want My Sex Back is going to rock the left’s fragile world.

Hopefully, you can still watch the video. I give YouTube until the end of the day before it’s marked as hate speech, restricted, and purged from human history.

Billy, Rene and Walt were born male, but they all felt uncomfortable with their sex. So they underwent sex reassignment surgery, believing it would end their distressing condition, which is known as gender dysphoria – feeling uncomfortable with your birth sex. However, becoming female only brought problems, disappointment and regret.

The left loves to remind us how about how much they care. How much they care about the victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, or a life time of bad hair. But the left only extends its care umbrella if there’s an agenda to be pushed. Should the agenda and the cause show a conflict of interest, the left will either ignore the issue, or demonize it.

Here we have people who’ve lived the transgender life, who’re now telling us after years of living the lifestyle, the same lifestyle the left is pushing on young children, the lifestyle didn’t solve a thing. In fact, gender reassignment surgery only made these people’s lives worse.

Now, not all transgender people who’ve ever transitioned are the same. I’m not saying every single transgender lives with regret. But I am saying some do, and those people should be heard just as loudly as those who live without regret. People who’re considering transgender surgeries and the transgender lifestyle should, like everyone else, have access to as much information as they can so they can make as informed decision as possible.

Further, we as a society are doing a great disservice to people if we try to keep this documentary, or stories from people who’ve transitioned and regretted it, out of the mainstream. More information, especially in cases like this, is better. For everyone involved. Isn’t that the testament of real compassion?

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