The RNC Launches New

A hearing for a Supreme Court nominee is a chance for Americans to come together and intelligently discuss the role of the judiciary. At least it should be. Instead, it’s the left’s favorite excuse to go batshit crazy. So leftists went complete Crazytown this week. As is their brand.

A brand the RNC wants to make sure you know about.

No word on an ad buy, or if this is just digital. Personally, I think the RNC needs to be spending some of that sweet donor money to get ads like this up on the evening news.

Only issue would be limiting the footage. There’s just so much to document. Before someone says “that’s just the fringe left,” the video clearly shows mainstream members of the Democrat Congress calling for the mob. The mob diligently obeys.

So sorry, but seems like leftist crazy is redundant. Change my mind.

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