Anti-Trump celebrity Rosie O’Donnell, along with a number of Broadway performers, protested President Donald Trump outside of the White House on Monday night.

O’Donnell and a group of Broadway actors bussed into Washington, D.C. from New York City to perform musical numbers, hoping they would be so loud that it would disrupt the president’s sleep — but there was only one problem with their plan: President Trump was in New Jersey at the time of the protest, not the White House.

O’Donnell and the performers sang for about 20 minutes, then left right afterward.

Other anti-Trump speakers and people dancing around in odd shark and dinosaur costumes filled the rest of the time. The speakers recited stale and worn out liberal narratives, accusing Trump of being a racist and of colluding with the Russians, and accusing Republicans of not wanting minorities to vote — this, of course, without presenting any evidence to back up their claims.

There have been several protests outside the White House over the last three weeks. According to organizers, “the protests will not stop until Trump is gone.”

The protest drew in a small crowd and the event dwindled to a few dozen after two hours.

They really showed President Trump.

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