If you would have told me in a year ago that one day I’d write about Kim Kardashian complimenting a Republican president – after she got someone pardoned – I’d say you were smoking something awesome, hand it over. Sharing is caring. There’s no way President Rubio would invite any of the Kardashians to the White House. I’m just saying. Well, maybe Kanye.

Yet here we are. Kim Kardashian talking about President Donald Trump on the Jimmy Kimmel show. The most shocking thing to 2009-Brodigan is the unfunniest person from The Man Show given the 11:35 pm slot.

Kimmel then questioned her about her husband Kanye West‘s support for Trump, but when asked if the two of them argue about politics, Kim Kardashian responded by saying she “always respects what a person thinks” and that while he doesn’t “necessarily agree with the policies,” he likes Trump’s personality and how he became president when “everybody underestimated him.”

Here’s the part that probably gave Kimmel a de-rection.

“I have nothing bad to say about the president. He has done something amazing.”

kim kardashian

To be fair, I think what Kardashian did was a good thing. Most celebrities take up issues for publicity’s sake. Kim was passionate enough to go straight to the White House. And actually accomplished what she set out to do.

I just can’t believe this is where we are in 2018. Praising a Kardashian. For doing something positive.

Excuse me, I need to grab a Walther, take aim at all these flying pigs. They’re pooping all over my vegan-powered Hum-V.

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