The gym that prides itself on being woke to the point of designating workout areas as “Judgement Free” zones has banned a woman for refusing to use a women’s locker room also occupied by a transgender man.

According to LifeSiteNews, Liberty Counsel “has taken on the case of a Florida woman, ‘Mrs. H.,’who alleges that Planet Fitness discriminated against her after she objected to the presence of a man––Jordan ‘Ivy’ Rice––in the women’s locker room.”

The woman had her membership terminated after expressing her desire not to get naked in the locker room alongside a man presenting himself as a woman. In a letter sent to the Planet Fitness CEO by Liberty Counsel, the man had a reputation for making women uncomfortable in the locker room.

“This is not the only incident with Mr. Rice known to Planet Fitness,” said the letter. “Another woman reported that he exposed his naked body to her in the women’s locker room at this location. In another instance, he was involved in an argument with another woman over use of the tanning room. Misogynist, anti-woman harassment should have no place in Planet Fitness locations, and violates Florida law.”

“Planet Fitness must immediately reinstate Mrs. H’s membership, and make changes to its membership and locker room policies to prevent blatant sex-based harassment by males in the women’s lockers and restrooms,” the letter continues.

The letter goes on to explain that the woman “is the survivor of an attempted rape,” which makes her “sensitive to men in places where they do not have a legitimate purpose.” When she voiced her concern to staff at the Leesburg location in May, she was met with resistance and instead of receiving care, was stripped of her membership.

More of the letter below:

Mrs. H. entered, and noticed him. She was disturbed by his presence, politely confronted him and asked him to leave the women’s locker room. Instead, he smirked back at her, and continued to stare at her, remaining standing in front of the mirror ‘applying makeup,’ where he had a full view of every single woman entering or exiting the shower area and every single locker, Mrs. H.’s locker, which was directly behind him within three (3) feet.

When Mr. Rice refused to leave, Mrs. H. herself left to give him time to finish what he was doing, so she could use the restroom in privacy. Mr. Rice remained there for at least an hour, ‘applying makeup,’ to intentionally deny Mrs. H. the privacy she desired. He was observed to have entered and exited the locker room, wearing the same clothes, and had not showered or changed. Despite a male employee observing that Mr. Rice’s behavior was ‘over the top,’ staff did not intervene and ask him to finish his business, but permitted him to monopolize the women’s locker room. This impeded Mrs. H.’s rightful use of the women’s locker room.

Even though the woman clearly was the victim in this debacle, the trans man eventually called the police on her, claiming he was “sexually harassed” by her. His call to the police can be heard here.

Planet Fitness has endangered women before in the name of “wokeness. “Back in 2015, a Michigan woman complained about a trans man in locker room and also had her membership revoked.

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