Planned Parenthood's New Campaign: 'Protect Our Freedom to F*ck'

Some of our most absurd stories have to do with Planned Parenthood and New York City (see Planned Parenthood Has Begun Giving Children Transgender Hormone Therapy Drugs and Planned Parenthood Gives Out 10 Media Awards for ‘Unbiased’ ‘Activism’ And They Are Just As Insane As You’d Imagine). So leave it to Planned Parenthood of New York City to mix the two great tastes that taste stabby together. Less peanut butter and chocolate. More old cottage cheese and butt.

The left’s favorite baby butchers want to protect your freedom to f***.

I hate giving them clicks for this, but the video needs to be seen to believed. Just do me a favor and give them a thumbs down after you watch.

Sure, you could donate to Planned Parenthood. Or you could just buy three dozen condoms on Amazon for under fifteen bucks. I know how much urban millennials hate having to walk outside. It’s just an option instead of giving your money to an abortion factory.

I’d say not being a whore (that includes guys) is an option, too. But LOLWUT! Though to be fair, the best way to save money on not aborting your offspring is to keep it zipped up and not to be whore.

Also, though this should be obvious, just because you’re biologically wired to do something, doesn’t mean you have a right to have that biological function subsidized by the government. You can see how this could become a slippery slope. You can imagine with which the slope is slipped.

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