Obama Officials Freak Out After Trump Calls Out NATO John Kerry: Trump ‘Destroying Our Reputation in the World’

Former White House officials who served under Barack Obama are criticizing President Donald Trump’s repeated calls for NATO partner states to contribute more funds — both in absolute terms and as a share of their respective GDPs — to NATO’s operational costs.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry described Trump’s Wednesday comments at a NATO breakfast meeting in Brussels, Belgium, as “counterproductive,” “disgraceful,” and “destructive.” He also said Trump is “[setting] America back” and “destroying [America’s] reputation in the world.”

Former CIA Director John Brennan agreed with Kerry’s criticisms of Trump’s position towards NATO partner states’ funding of NATO. He invited “NATO leaders” to “push back against the reckless behavior of Donald Trump.”

Former National Security Council member Ben Rhodes insinuated that Russian president Vladimir Putin was orchestrating Trump’s actions — a “return on investment.”

Former UN Ambassador Samantha Power framed Trump as a destroyer of U.S. alliances.

Former Obama administration speechwriter Jon Favreau caricatured the president’s supporters as unaware of or disinterested in Trump’s approach towards NATO.

Former presidential spokesperson Tommy Vietor mocked Ari Fleischer’s description of European states as insufficiently funding NATO.

Former Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro cast Trump’s approach on NATO funding as aligning with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desires, and of “drifting toward Russia.”

The chorus of outrage reflects longstanding opposition to Trump’s America-First stance. In 2017, former UN Ambassador and National Security Advisor Susan Rice described Trump’s call for greater funding of NATO operations by NATO partner states as an American abdication of global leadership.

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