WATCH: Politico Tries Stifling Leftists’ SCOTUS Fears With Ruth Bader Ginsburg Workout Video

In case you were unaware, our commander-in-chief is preparing to announce his latest Supreme Court pick. Naturally, lefties are at Defcon 2, going absolutely batsh*t with fear their “right” to infanticide may get aborted.

Enter Politico, trying to quell those fears. They enlisted a 27-year-old soy boy to attempt Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout. Ladies, I have a feeling this lad is still available:

First, can we admit maybe all the social media and internet time hasn’t been so swell for this generation of “manfolk”? Maybe that’s a subject for another time.

Second, this workout routine is for the same Ruth Bader Ginsburg who needs a nap while waiting for her grande latte with a pump of vanilla. Who looks like she’s two seconds away from meeting Scalia and Thurgood Marshall for drinks in the great beyond. Yet according to the above video you may be watching again because LOL, she’s fit to deal an ass-kicking to any millennial with soy coursing through its veins.

The same left who claims Barry Obama would kill it in the NBA.

The truth is the left is terrified of Donnie-T getting not one, not two, but three Supreme Court picks. It’s just terribly, horribly no good, very badly unfair. The thought of him replacing the Notorious RBG with a constitutionalist judge, who thinks the sacrament of baby butchery is icky, is unconscionable.

Which is why the left is trying to reassure their followers of Darth Bader being in tip-top shape. Ready to stand in the way of those “anti-choice” pro-lifers and their infanticide-hating ways for years to come. Let’s make sure there’s room for Babe Ruth at this year’s CrossFit games. She one fit lady. To say otherwise is sexist hate speech.

Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t crossing our fingers and hoping Ginsburg shuffles off this mortal coil. After all, wishing death, injury, or a hatless head on your opponents is lefty stuff. We’d dare not appropriate that culture of hate.

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If it will help maintain the left’s fragile sanity by reassuring themselves Ginsburg is an iron-pumping badass, then so be it. Though, comforting workout videos aside, Ruth not making it to the end of Trump’s presidency is a possibility. Such is life. It doesn’t care who is or is not the president. Nevertheless, we wish Justice Ginsburg many more years of good health. Plus more workout routines which thrash millennial wimps.


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