Mike Rowe ‘terrified’ over United Airlines debacle — but for a reason some might not expect

Mike Rowe regularly likes to release his inner Don Henley. And break things down right to the heart of the matter (see Mike Rowe Delivers A Much Needed Wake-Up Call To Americans andMike Rowe Absolutely WRECKS Guy Who Accuses Him Of Being A White Nationalist). For Independence Day, he focused on the word independence.

Two-hundred forty two years ago, we fought a war for independence. Happily, we won, and today, our constitutional republic is still the envy of billions. But just because we won the war, doesn’t mean we’re truly independent. We still come into this world just as we did back in 1776 – weak, powerless, and vulnerable – utterly reliant upon human kindness. And of course, most of us will leave this world in much the same way, completely dependent upon the decency of others.

This week, it’s my privilege to introduce two women who know that without kindness, absolute freedom can be a cold and lonely place. On a modest farm in Ohio, they teach needy kids about the importance of things like work ethic, sacrifice, and delayed gratification. In other words, Deb and Cathy are teaching independence, at a farm called On the Rise. And it’s working.

Something to consider, as we celebrate another year of freedom from the Brits.

Enjoy, and Happy Independence Day.

Important lessons to learn.

Yes, it’s fine to live a great life now. But make sure you’re doing so as an independent person, under your own power, without taking from other people. While there’s certainly a case to be made about living your best life while you have it, there’s something to putting goals in writing and working toward them today.

America is all about independence. Make sure you get a little of it in your life, not by whining, complaining, or engaging in pointless boycotts. Use your freedom and independence to make your life the best it can be. For now. For later.

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