CNN's Jim Acosta SCREAMS at Trump After Tax Speech – Gets Shamed and Shushed (VIDEO)

A well-known sociopath shot and killed five reporters on Thursday at the Capital Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland.

38-year-old Jarrod Ramos went into the Capital Gazette building in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday afternoon, and shot and killed five people; many more were injured.

Ramos previously sued the Capital Gazette for defamation and lost; he had a vendetta against the newspaper and threatened the journalists for years.

On Friday, President Trump met with a supportive audience to tout his very effective and historic tax plan that was implemented around January.

After his remarks, CNN try-hard reporter Jim Acosta tried to grill the president about the shooting yesterday.

The Leftist media wants desperately to blame Trump and his supporters for the shooting despite the fact that the killer had been at war with the paper since 2011.

Here’s Jim Acosta shouting at the President. Notice the man in front of him turns around twice and shushes him.

Acosta said he won’t be shushed:

Jennifer Jacobs from Bloomberg added this:

Guys, it was a tax speech!
Get a grip.

President Trump later commented on the shooting.

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