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Pictures taken inside an illegal immigrant detention facility in South Texas reveal children at the shelter are eating better than American schoolchildren who had to endure former First Lady Michelle Obama’s nationwide lunch program.

Last Wednesday MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff was one of a few people allowed inside a converted Walmart in Brownsville, Texas, operated by Austin-based non-profit Southwest Key Programs, where nearly 1,500 boys are detained.

While Soboroff claimed the children appeared to be “incarcerated, ”one photo shows children are receiving rather healthy meals compared to those tweeted out by public school students during the Obama era.

“Here are some photos of the boys in the cafeteria,” Soboroff tweeted. “This is not a school cafeteria. Hundreds called to eat at a time on rotating shifts. When I told @chrislhayes it felt like a prison or jail, I was thinking about this.”

The photo shows children holding lunch plates with what appears to be a chicken sandwich served on wheat buns with all the fixins, along with a serving of french fries and a heaping portion of peaches.

That’s a pretty decent meal compared to the crap school kids were forced to eat under Michelle O.’s “Let’s Move” initiative just a few years ago.

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