INSANE: Top Liberal Group Issues Incredibly Violent Tweet Aimed At ICE Agents Doing Their Jobs

Occupy Wall Street is back again, and this time with a vengeance. On Monday night, in a malevolent tweet addressing the issue of separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents at the border, Occupy Wall Street once again demonstrated how willing they are to have a rational discussion on any issue:

Despite the fact that many people reported the tweet to Twitter, as of 10:30 EST Tuesday morning, the tweet was still up.

Here, apparently, is Occupy Wall Street’s real agenda:

The Occupy movement has been supported in the past by the usual list of leftist organizations. Newsbusters reported back in 2011 of the Wall Street protests:

Organizations that joined the protesters were granted more than $3.6 million from Soros’s Open Society Foundations. On Oct. 5 there was a “march in solidarity with #occupywallstreet” that listed seven such groups out of the 16 overall supporting the protest. Those seven organizations received $3,614,690 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations since the year 2000, with more than $2 million going to Common Cause Education Fund, part of Common Cause, and another $1.1 million to …

Those left-wing organizations were joined by their friends in the progressive media. A publication for the protesters, the “Occupy Wall Street Journal,” is supported by the Independent Media Center which received more than $70,000 from two parts of the Tides organization. This group donates millions of dollars to liberal causes and is partially funded by Soros. Since 2000, Tides received $25,991,845 from his Open Society Foundations. Reuters only noted the $3.5 million from 2007-2009 but failed to mention the long history of funding and the other $20 million.

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