Gowdy Grilled FBI Director Comey On Russian Relations And More 1

You were pretty sure Trey Gowdy would light these people up during the IG Hearing … especially Comey.

Then admit you had to pop more corn when you saw his opening statements.


‘I don’t know where in the HELL you would go for proof of intent … ‘


He’s dead, Jim!

The comments on this tweet tell us everything we need to know about the level of triggering Gowdy’s comments had on our friendly Resistance types:

Actually, Hillary did that, but nice try.

They seriously think there were anti-Clinton people in the FBI?


This was this person’s take from this? Russia?


Right? It’s such a waste of time to make sure our agencies aren’t being abused and corrupted.

The nerve of these people.

We just rolled our eyes so far back in our heads there might be permanent damage.

Aaaaaand we’re done here.

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