VIDEO: Ted Cruz Prepares for His 1-on-1 Basketball Game Against Jimmy Kimmel

There hasn’t been this much excitement for a charity basketball game since the Magic Johnson All-Star Games of the early 90s. Back when Michael Jordan proved he’s so a better player than Lebron James ever will be. On Friday, Ted “Ball is Life” Cruz will be taking on Jimmy “I Was Much Funnier on the Man Show” Kimmel. 1-on-1. Loser donates to winner’s charity.

Yes, yes, we know Cruz is engaging in a little self-deprecation. We know a joke when we see one. Makes me wonder if Cruz had been this way during the primaries if results would’ve shaken out differently.

I think it’s cool Kimmel and Cruz are having this game. People can use a reminder that not everything is politics. A conservative senator playing a friendly game of basketball against a progressive “comedian” is something this country could use right now. Especially if it resorts to hair pulling and awkward Princess Bride trash talk.

Though, “not everything being politics” aside, the leftist butthurt over Kimmel “normalizing” Cruz is going to be lit.

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