‘Cosmopolitan Bias’: Stephen Miller Destroys CNN’s Jim Acosta with Facts on Immigration
Jim Acosta of CNN listens during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Trigger-warning: we have a bit of an insult game going on. If you think it’s below the office of the press secretary to insult idiot reporters, look away.

For those of you who think Jim Acosta had it coming, look on:

I love how even someone in the press, who probably thinks Acosta is the biggest douche in the room, came to his defense, saying Sarah went low on that insult. Maybe she did. Maybe it’s below the office of The White House Press Secretary to insult the comprehension of a reporter as he tries earning himself a merit badge for biggest Care Bear of CNN.

Still entertaining.

Hopefully, Sarah won’t apologize for spanking Acosta when he deserved it most. There he is, citing the Bible and how wrong it is to separate children from their families, lecturing this administration for not being more biblical, while Planned Parenthood is still killing babies with the help of tax dollars. Thanks to the Democrats. Adorable. But because illegal immigration is a hill the left has decided to hari-kari upon, he’s gotta derp it up.

At least it was on camera.

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