WATCH: Dennis Rodman's MAGA Hat Emotional Interview About North Korea

Dennis Rodman, former NBA player and friend of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, gave a highly emotional interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday night.

Rodman began:

In my heart and soul, when I was first selected to go to North Korea, I was very honored to be selected to go there. Once I went to North Korea, I didn’t really understand what the situation was as far as being over there. When I first met Kim Jong Un, I was more like, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know who he was; I didn’t know what he represented; I didn’t know if he was someone important, but I knew something was going on. But once I got familiar with the culture and the situation over there I got used to being there and I felt like I was at home.

Rodman insisted that the people of North Korea “have a heart and a soul” and that Kim Jong Un understands that. He said that the reason Kim Jong Un “respects Dennis Rodman is that he trusts me.” He spoke about bringing a basketball team to the North Korean dictator for a birthday present, saying Kim said that Rodman keeping his promise to bring the team was “the first time someone’s ever, ever kept their word to me and my country.”

Rodman said, “I think that that country is normally hearing people that’s always lying, deceitful, and not trustworthy and that if Trump goes in there with a great heart, with his heart on the table, and let Kim Jong Un see him, really emotional, as far as speaking to him … he’s (Kim) all about the 21st century, he’s trying to progress his country.”

Rodman ripped former president Barack Obama, saying, “He didn’t even give me the time of day. I asked him, I said, ‘I have something to say from North Korea. He just brushed me off.”

Rodman broke down crying, claiming that when he said the door to North Korea would open, he got death threats. He added, “I believe in North Korea.” He said later, “ I think people know that Kim Jong Un is not a dumb man. I think he understands who his grandfather and his father, and I think that he’s trying to protect his people, and he’s trying to protect his honor and everything that has to do with his country.”

Video below:

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