President Trump to Anthem Kneelers: Who Should I Pardon?

President Donald Trump has one simple question for athletes taking a knee during the National Anthem. Players say they’re kneeling for criminal justice. So, Trump’s asked the players whom would they like Trump to pardon?

President Donald Trump says he wants to meet with NFL players and athletes who kneel during the National Anthem so they can recommend people they think should be pardoned because they were treated unfairly by the justice system.

“I’m going to ask them to recommend to me people who were unfairly treated,” Trump said at the White House Friday.

The President said during the wide-ranging gaggle that he would consider pardoning or commuting the sentences of those recommended.

Let’s skip where I wonder why he couldn’t have thought of this prior to the nonsense with the Philadelphia Eagles this week. We’ll just say this is another example of Good Trump.

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Trolling your opponents is a noble cause. But troll smarter, not harder. Take the high road when possible. Not that this is necessarily trolling. It also happens to be good policy.

Athletes say they want to speak out against what they feel is a skewed criminal justice system. The President of the United States just offered them an opportunity to take their concerns directly to the Oval Office. As we saw this week with Alice Johnson, Trump is actually open to listening. It’s also a fine way of saying “Put up or shut up.”

The ball is in the athletes’ court. And I swear that’s an unintentional pun.

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