WATCH: Progressives On Cable News Finally Begin To Realize That Harping On ‘Trump/Russia’ Might Not Be A Winning Strategy In 2018

On Tuesday, a panel on CNN’s “Inside Politics” hosted by John King discussed the idea that the Democrats need something to stand for rather than basing their mid-term hopes fully on opposition to President Trump.

After watching a clip from the 2018 CAP (Center for American Progress) Ideas Conference in which Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) suggested that Democrats pivot from “Russian bots” and all things anti-Trump to real issues that impact American families, the members of the panel each offered their opinions.

Carl Hulse of The New York Times:

I think she’s doing a couple of things there. One, she’s trying to differentiate herself from some people who are seen as the more progressive possible candidates for the nomination in a couple years. But I do think she’s reflecting another thing we’re starting to hear more from Democrats and that is, “Hey this can’t just be totally about Trump. We have to do some other things.” They’re seeing Trump’s numbers go up a little bit – they’re nervous right now maybe that the environment isn’t gonna be quite what they thought it was gonna be and, I think that’s a warning from her – but she has some political reasons for doing that.

Eliana Johnson of Politico:

I don’t disagree with you, Carl, but I don’t – as much as I’ve heard Democrats say “We can’t be anti-Trump,” I haven’t heard anything from them that’s not anti-Trump.

Sahil Kapur of Bloomberg:

It’s the only thing that unites them as a Party right now. They do have an important conversation to have about what message do they, you know, what message do they highlight? Going after Trump personally and emphasizing the Russia investigation, it doesn’t move voters. I think people have made up their minds on this. Unless there’s a massive event like an indictment or some report by Bob Mueller, I don’t think people are going to move on this. But economics – the more economics and the more kitchen table issues are in the news, the better Democrats do, the more Trump’s numbers go down – and it’s inverse when it’s his personal stuff.

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