Awww, we think Chelsea Handler missed us covering her when she says really stupid stuff because wow, this is impressively dumb. Perhaps she got jealous of how much we’ve been covering Alyssa Milano’s nonsense and figured she needed to step up her game.

Or maybe she’s just not that bright about much of anything but feels like she should tweet about it anyway.


They had firebombs and other weapons.

Watch something other than CNN.

Because TRUMP!

Wait, no, that doesn’t work here.

Now now, Chelsea has a narrative to stick to and she must make Nikki Haley out to be a bad woman to support said narrative.

Some of the flaming kites had Swastikas on them but sure, it was just a peaceful protest.

FFS Chelsea.

Hey now, she reads TMZ too.

Heck, a co-founder of the Women’s March was calling Hamas brave for using human shields.

Huh. That glitter glue looks a little bit like it’s on fire.

Anything to dunk on the Right.


And too late.

Chelsea, ICYMI:


Text Example

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