Oh David Hogg. Little does he know our preferred gender pronoun for him is “punching bag.” The Chinless Wonder has given us a lot to work with. Kyle Kashuv too, who proverbially slaps him silly on Twitter more often than David dunks a Tide pod.

We may be at the point where the kids are on the field saying “good game” to each other. Slapping hands which may or may not be coated with saliva. You can almost taste the sound of defeat in Hoggy’s words.


Nothing much to disagree with. Other than the part about “falsely” believing they want to take our guns being bullcookies. Because anyone watching the marches can hear what people are actually saying.

But the Hogginator has learned what grownups learned when they push lies about guns: gun owners aren’t that stupid. All threatening to take them does is strengthen their resolve. And ring the tills of gun sellers nationwide.

It was a nice try though. I’d give David Hogginstuff a good, solid B-.

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