Lately, the thing to argue over is who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump supporters say he absolutely deserves it for bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula. His haters obviously don’t want Trump to win anything ever. A third group could give a damn about the Nobel either way and are just here for the jokes.

Those meddling kids at Campus Reform decided to see what our best and brightest felt. Shockingly not shocking, the students were anti-Trump and pro-Obama. Even if they have no idea why Obama won his in the first place:

I decided to ask if they thought President Obama deserved the same award, which he won in 2009. The students passionately, and almost unanimously, agreed that he did.

However, most were speechless when asked to describe what Obama did to earn the award.

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So, Obama deserves his Nobel because he wanted to “bring about change.” Translated: no discernible reason whatsoever. If bringing about change is the only criteria, I’d say the Donald is deserving as well. After all, he’s cut taxes. Took a hatchet to the Obamacare mandate. He’s in the process of fostering a little peace with the fat man in the East.

Leftists are going to hate Trump, no matter what. The Donald could single-handedly cure cancer, denuclearize the world, and summon Prince back from the afterlife. The left would still be calling for his tangerine-hued head on a platter.

Meanwhile, Obama’s only efforts toward peace were bowing and kissing our enemies’ rectums in the hope they would pretty please not blow us up. Which got us exactly nowhere.

Methinks the left is in denial over the good work the Donald is doing. They much prefer a guilt-laden America whose leaders apologize day in and day out for our awesomeness.

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