On Trend: Conservative Women Pose with their Guns

There’s a new trend sweeping the internet: conservative women posing with firearms.

If you’re into girls. And guns. Also, ‘Merica. It started with college senior Brenna Spencer. She triggered the left by showing off her trigger in her senior photo (h/t Twitchy).

There were news articles written about this, by allegedly legitimate news organizations. Repeat after me, kids. “The internet being angry is not news.” But it is funny.

Regardless, the left got angry. And by “the left got angry” we mean maybe someone took a picture of a woman wearing something other than a “Tuck Frump” shirt. Many pearls were clutched as many fainting couches were fallen upon. Which is terrible for the couches. Let’s just say the leftists who get upset over things like a senior photo aren’t known for passing up a donut.

Brenna’s allies lept to her defense. It’s like how Breitbart (the name, not the trademark) said: “more voices, not less.” Only it’s MOAR girls with guns!

A lot of Internet trends are pretty lame. But this is one we are totes on board with.

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