PROOF: ‘March For Our Lives:’ A Big DNC Voter Registration Rally


Yes, they do seek bans for ridiculous things, as this student, who has no idea what she’s saying, shows.

She thinks assault rifles are legal, she thinks AR-15s are weapons of war. Because she’s operating under the myth pushed by the media that mass shooters use AR-15s. Yet most mass shootings are actually done with handguns. And yes, people with mental health issues are already not supposed to get guns. But instead of making new laws that say the same thing, police, schools and mental health people need to actually enforce the laws that do.

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This is basically a huge DNC voter registration rally.

In case you had any doubt:

PROOF: ‘March For Our Lives:’ A Big DNC Voter Registration Rally
PROOF: ‘March For Our Lives:’ A Big DNC Voter Registration Rally

From Think Progress:

Marlena Tyldesley, a 17-year-old high school junior at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, is sending politicians a message and mobilizing young people to be politically active by raising money to make and distribute stickers that display the year young people can vote. When students come to the Washington, D.C. March for Our Lives event, many of them may be wearing her stickers.

She began organizing after she had a conversation with her family about the student-led movement to end gun violence. A family friend sent the family a check in the hopes that she would use it to fight for gun control and they started throwing around some ideas.

“The idea came up that we need a way to show politicians that we’re coming and my dad said, ‘Why don’t you just get a sticker with the year you can vote. That’s pretty simple,’” Tyldesley said. “And it’s not self explanatory, so it forces someone to come up and say what is that? And you can say well this is the year I can vote. Watch out.”

Marlena Tyldesley. (CREDIT: Courtesy of Marlena Tyldesley)

Tyldesley added. “There are so many of us and these policies will affect us for a long time, so I’m definitely for voting and getting disenfranchised people to vote. People need to know how to vote and they need to know how to sign up …That is the next step.”

Tyldesley is working with 20 other students at her school, some of whom participated in the walkouts, to make sure the stickers are distributed to other schools. After Tyldesley started a GoFundMe page and tweeted out the link, Montgomery Students for Gun Control Legislation tweeted it and soon, she raised $2,000. As of Friday morning, she raised $3,515 toward her $8,000 goal. Because the response was so swift, Tyldesley still had to work out the details of how to make sure stickers got to the right people, but her friends may drive around to schools or mail them out.

Tyldesley, who participated in the March 14 walkouts to protest gun violence, where students participated in a die-in in front of the White House, said “I love the idea of [Marjory Stoneman Douglas students] opening the paper and knowing they have support from the nation’s capital. I think we have a responsibility living here, close to the nation’s capital, to get involved.”

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This is happening in most major cities.

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