Stoneman Douglass student activist David Hogg has said a lot of dumb things. This time, Hoggwash claims he is fighting for “helpless” black people, who need their gats confiscated to save them from themselves.

Now, we could go into every which way that Hogg’s remarks are the verbal equivalent of explosive diarrhea, but I’ll defer to the NRA’s Colion Noir instead:

Who the hell gave David Hogg the authority to put on his white man’s burden costume to save me from myself by marching to restrict my right to own a gun that at one point I wasn’t considered human enough to own? This is the shit we’re cosigning?

If I were Hogg, I’d be running to mommy to bring a fire extinguisher and some aloe right about now.

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You have to give it to young Hoggy, though. He’s taking to the dark side that is leftism like a crack addict to their grandma’s silverware drawer. Few liberal padawans graduate from anti-gun crusader to “savior of black people” in just a few short weeks. Before we know it, he’ll be attaining “you didn’t build that” status and telling us we’re evil for having so many deodorant options. Kids, they grow up so fast.

Cynicism aside, David Hogg was in deep need of a history lesson. As if bragging about skipping school wasn’t indication enough. When you’re busy #resisting the NRA, your basic knowledge of how things work tends to suffer. Luckily, Colion Noir was kind enough to offer Hoggy a crash course to catch him back up.

Contrary to progressive’s beliefs, African American’s don’t need a bunch of soyboy 75-pound chinless imps to speak for them. People like Colion Noir are plenty capable of forming their own opinions.

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Check your privilege, Hoggster.

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