Disney Makes SJW Change to Han Solo Movie Posters to Please Liberals
Disney Makes SJW Change to Han Solo Movie Posters to Please Liberals

Unless you are in complete denial, the Left is winning the culture war. Social media, movies, music, businesses, pretty much everything these days is bending to the will of the Left.

Now whether you care or not is another story.

Caught up in the current hysteria about guns in the United States, Walt Disney Studios have doctored promotional posters for the new “Solo: A Star Wars Story” to remove the space hero’s trusty blaster.

But if someone at Disney thought this was going to be a PR winner, the public response so far has been a disaster.

The movie is due out in May, but its promotional campaign kicked off on Super Bowl Sunday with the official release of its first trailer, according to the movie news website Collider.

The first posters released showed the film’s stars carrying a variety of weaponry – the kind space outlaws and rebels would tend to be outfitted with if they were going to have a chance of surviving in the brutal universe created by George Lucas.

But in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting in Parkland, Florida, the posters underwent a radical change, according to the entertainment website MovieWeb.

The young Han Solo (played by actor lden Ehrenreich) has had the blaster-bearing arm digitally removed, as have the other characters pictured in the posters.

The result is worse than a needlessly sanitized image. In the Solo poster, the expression on Ehrenreich’s face while he’s aiming the blaster looks calm, deadly and determined. The mouth being slightly open just adds to the look of concentration.

Without the blaster giving his eyes an implied object of attention, he comes across, at best, looking like a guy reaching for his car keys and not finding them.

At worst, he looks like a moron.

The social media response was scathing – and hilarious.

Some commenters pointed out the essential inanity of the move.


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