CNN tried. CNN Failed. That should be their new motto.

Terrible that these blasts have claimed the lives of four innocents, regardless of their race, but this is CNN we’re talking about.

Sooo … now that the latest victims are white it’s not race-related? Help us out a little here with your rational, CNN.

From CNN:

Police haven’t ruled out anything — including the possibility that the attacks are race-related, Manley said.

“We said from the beginning, we’re not willing to rule anything out. Because when you do, you limit your focus,” Manley said. “This changes the concerns that we had initially. Though we have still not yet ruled it out.”

Alrighty then.

You know, JUST in case.


They are truly the masters of apples and bananas.

Not at all.

You know it probably did.

There ya’ go.

It’s sort of their schtick.

Let’s hope CNN is taking notes.

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