The left is so caught up in their BS that they are now seeing Russians literally everywhere….

The Pew Research Center on Monday published the results of a survey on automation in everyday life; for example, just how enthusiastic or worried are Americans about the idea of driverless cars?

For what it’s worth, nearly six-in-ten Americans said they would not want to ride in a driverless vehicle. That’s great thinking, according to activist Chelsea Handler, because we really have no idea how far the Russians are in their initiative to hack into driverless cars in the U.S. and kill Americans by the thousands.

It stands to reason: if we can’t prevent Russia from hacking the 2016 election, what’s to stop Putin from taking over the freeways with his army of bots?


Time to send a message to the folks at the National Automobile Dealers Association and tell them we don’t want their killing machines.


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