Diversity Over Skill? ‘Certified Diversity’ Owned Construction Company Built The Florida Bridge That Collapsed
Diversity Over Skill? ‘Certified Diversity’ Owned Construction Company Built The Florida Bridge That Collapsed

The state of Florida has been having an extremely ill-fated turn of events lately. First the terrible school shooting in Parkland, and now this; Florida International University’s “instant bridge,” spontaneously collapsing earlier on Thursday.

The two firms contracted for the poorly constructed bridge were MCM and Figg, both have a sketchy history when it comes to construction, but for today’s purposes, we’re going to focus on MCM, because there’s a valuable lesson that can be learned here.

That lesson is this; skill should always triumph over diversity. Case in point, Construction of a bridge.

Though MCM is owned by five brothers, a lot of people one rung down the ladder from them are women. Some of the construction workers are even women. How ironic is it then, that earlier this month, MCM was slapped with a lawsuit for hiring “incompetent, inexperienced, unskilled or careless employees.” Fox reports:

The company is building an expansion to Fort Lauderdale International Airport and a worker there was injured when a makeshift bridge collapsed under his weight, the lawsuit says, according to the Winston Salem-Journal.

Leonor Flores, FIU alumna, and MCM project exec says her number one priority when building bridges is to make sure they look pretty. Nothing else matters:

A Female-Led Construction Company Built The Florida Bridge That Collapsed

“It’s very important for me as a woman and an engineer to be able to promote that to my daughter because I think women have a different perspective. We’re able to put in an artistic touch and we’re able to build too.”

No. You can’t build things. The bridge collapsed for no other reason than terrible structure. Though the death toll is currently at six, police say that the number is likely to rise. But no, let’s talk about how strong and powerful these women are. This company prides itself on how many women they hire, saying that it’s a big step towards gender equality. That’s not working out so far, is it? A Female-Led Construction Company Built The Florida Bridge That CollapsedThere’s a reason you don’t hear about women in construction; they’re not very good at it, and quite frankly, they don’t want to be.

Women in MCM promote feminism when it’s convenient; when everybody’s looking tough and ready to conquer the world in their construction hat. But when their projects fail, and lives are lost, everyone wants to focus on all the men in the company.

Nobody, not them or the mainstream media is talking about all these women and how they dropped the ball. None of them want to take responsibility, and that makes both the media and these women spineless cowards.

Feel free to send me all your hate mail. I am sure this post will trigger a horde of angry Leftist SJW’s.

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