Jim Acosta

What is it with CNN employees calling out normal people for things they don’t like?

The latest is from WH correspondent for CNN Jim Acosta who zoomed in on this photo and tweeted it to his 500,000+ followers of who we assume is a U.S. Marine wearing a Pepe the Frog T-shirt during President Trump’s speech in Miramar, Calif. yesterday:

CNN Panel and Acosta Blows Up After Scaramucci Insists Trump Is Presidential: ‘Paying Off…

If he’s a U.S. Marine (And let’s face it, all signs point to yes), then the U.S. Marine Corps will handle any disciplinary issue regarding his dress, if it is an issue at all. But why highlight him in the first place?

EXACTLY! This is reminiscent of CNN hectoring that poor woman in Florida just because she posted some pro-Trump stuff on Facebook:

CNN’s Jim Acosta Has a Message For All You ‘Pro-Trump Trolls’

And now Acosta’s done this to a Marine over what … a prank?

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