On Monday, the AARP abruptly blocked many conservatives on Twitter, leaving them confused as to what they had done to engender that response.

The AARP has been firmly on the Democratic Party side of numerous issues for years. As Discover the Networks notes:

While AARP describes itself as politically “non-partisan,” it consistently supports leftist initiatives that reflect Democratic Partyagendas and AARP’s own stated commitment to “collective purpose” geared toward “social change” advocacy. For example, the organization backs entitlements for migrant workers; favors a progressive tax structure that places a disproportionate burden on high earners; endorses the estate tax; opposes the privatization of Social Security; opposes the reformation of Medicare and Social Security entitlements; and favors strict gun control. In 2003, AARP lauded the passage of a massive Medicare prescription drug plan which added, by some measures, $15.6 trillion to America’s long-term entitlement deficit … Unlike most big-time lobbyists, AARP does not have a political action committee and thus makes no campaign contributions as an organization. Studies of the donation patterns of individual AARP staffers, however, reveal a dramatic preference for Democrats. For example, during the 2006, 2008, and 2010 election cycles, Democrats were the recipients of more than 90 percent of the money which AARP employees and executives gave to federal candidates or campaign committees.

Here’s how conservatives responded to being blocked:

Not Good!

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