james woods david hogg
james woods david hogg

These Parkland activist kids may want to spend a little more time studying their history books and a little less time stumping for the Democrat party.

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? “David Hogg, one of the survivors of the Valentine’s Day Massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has been a vocal proponent of gun control as a means of protecting school kids. Now, his sister, Lauren Hogg, is attempting to stir the national debate with her ‘armbands for change’ movement.”


Lauren Hogg later deleted her tweet and apologized after James Woods schooled her on history:

“You might have a little trouble getting Jewish Americans to embrace this look. Do you have some shiny jackboots and brown shirts to go with it? Guessing maybe you skipped history class while you were shilling for the @DNC.”

Except there’s just one problem with her “movement.” And actor James Woods wasted NO time pointing it out.

To be fair James Woods later commended the teen DNC activists for rethinking their idea.

If this doesn’t give you the chills, nothing will.

This is what our future looks like.


Democrats are great at funding things like this.

That’s what most people saw.

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