This new website gives Never Trumpers a 'safe space' to find love
This new website gives Never Trumpers a 'safe space' to find love

People who hate President Donald Trump now have a “safe space” to “unite in love” and stand against the White House.

The recently released website NeverTrump.Dating aims to give leftists a place to meet a woman or man who shares their disdain for the president.

The American Liberal Council, a self-described political start-up that does not have a website, said it contacted the Trump.Dating platform and had this new site made so that Democrats and others unhappy with the Trump administration could have a unique online equivalent to Trump.Dating, a dating site for supporters of the president that was rolled out in February.

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NeverTrump.Dating states that members should be people who “will never back down to the corrupt, morally-bankrupt administration in power.”

“Unlike the political opposition, we’re keeping our doors open. No matter what your sexual orientation, race, or creed might be, there’s a place for you on NeverTrump.Dating. The far right can try their hardest to put us in a box, and strip away our rights, but they’ll lose in the end, and our victory starts with couples that are united in social justice. Let’s make the world a better place, two liberals at a time,” the homepage states.

Users can register as gay, lesbian, or straight, but there is no transgender option.

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It is free for people to sign up, but users should expect to pay for monthly memberships following registration.

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