CNN interviews Caitlyn Jenner for International Women’s Day
CNN interviews Caitlyn Jenner for International Women’s Day

CNN reached out to Caitlyn Jenner on International Women’s Day to talk about what the 107-year-old holiday means for the future of women’s equality.

CNN asked activists, artists, and entertainers to respond to the question, “What single thing would you change to improve gender equality where you are?”

The U.S. Olympic gold medalist said strong women have always been an inspiration.

“My path to womanhood was very different and through that process I think I learned a lot about women,” the reality TV star said. “Women are kind of brought up to be kind of a second-class citizen. Emotionally weaker. Physically weaker. I’ve always been inspired by strong women.”

Others interviewed for the symposium included San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, journalist Christiane Amanpour and country/pop singer Sheryl Crow.

Some of the most popular responses included guaranteeing equal access to education and representation in film and media.

American filmmaker Tiffany Shlain called for gender quotas.

“I think the single thing that’s going to help us get there is quotas,” Ms. Shlain said. “You can call them inclusivity riders, whatever you want to call holding companies and governments accountable to get to true gender equity. And countries across Europe have been doing it and we’re behind, so let’s accelerate that pace of change.”

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