MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Gets Testy in 2A Exchange With Ted Cruz
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Gets Testy in 2A Exchange With Ted Cruz

Before Ted Cruz served as a Republican Senator from Texas, he held a handful of legal positions as a lawyer, including Solicitor General of Texas. Which had him arguing before the Supreme Court.

I mention his curriculum vitae to set up the following interview, wherein Joe Scarborough, who wrote a song for the Women’s March, tried to argue guns and the Second Amendment with Ted Cruz.

Brief write-up courtesy of Mediaite:

Scarborough contended that guns like the AR-15 are “lighter” and “more lethal.”

“It is designed to kill more effectively, more efficiently,” he argued before asking Cruz that “if somebody takes a deer rifle into a high school in Parkland, that deer rifle is going to be as lethal as an AR-15?”

Firstly, guns are intended to harm and protect. Cars are meant to drive. Computers designed to compute. Feminists designed to annoy. Guns fire projectiles with the aim of doing harm. Otherwise, they’re glorified paperweights.

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One keeps and/or carries a weapon like a gun to protect him or herself from others who seek to do them harm. Example: a pretty woman walking down the street, the kind you’d like to meet.

She’s informally accosted by Harvey Weinstein. If not Harvey, one of Harvey’s acolytes. Who, rather than bothering with the traditional methods of courtship, skips right to rape.

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The pretty woman draws a Walther PPQ and pops a cap in his gelatinous ass. If her gun fired hugs rather than bullets, what’s the likelihood she’d make it home with her dignity intact? Even if she did have an Oscar?

So this idea of “But, but, this gun is MEANER!!!! than all the other guns” is asinine.

Cruz vs. Sockless Joe continued:

“My career was litigating before the Supreme Court,” Cruz said. “I recognize this is not what you do.”

“I don’t need you to lecture me on what the Supreme Court does and what it doesn’t do,” Scarborough fired back. “You can talk down to me all you want to.”

“Who’s talking down to who?” Cruz asked. “You say lawyers are rolling their eyes at me.”

Loathe though I am to use the “appeal to authority” argument, Cruz has a point here. Only one of these bickering men actually made legal arguments before the Supreme Court. And it wasn’t Cotten-Eyed Joe.

When it comes to arguing the lawfulness of the Constitution, explicitly the Second Amendment, Ted Cruz is imminently qualified. Joe Scarborough is barely qualified to croon about it later. But someone please inform us if Joe’s new single “Bad Bromance” makes it to Spotify.

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