'Modern Family' Cast Makes Stupid Video Promoting 'March for Our Lives'
'Modern Family' Cast Makes Stupid Video Promoting 'March for Our Lives'

Hollywood “Celebrities” are at it again, the constant flow of putting celebs in front of a camera to push [Issue Here] is the most overused, insidious motif to ooze out of Hollywood’s unoriginal anal cavities. Here we have the cast of “Modern Family” reading a TelePrompter about “Boo the NRA” and “Guns, OMG, Guns.”

From The Washington Times:

“We all have to get involved, and we all have to register to vote,” said Ms. Hyland and Ms. Winter.

“We stand with you,” added Mr. Burrell.

“And we will be right there by your side as Americans take to the streets on March 24th, making their voices heard at the March for Our Lives,” said Mr. O’Neill and Mr. Stonestreet, promoting the gun-control march spearheaded by a group of Parkland survivors, taking place March 24 in 507 communities worldwide.

Is the set, or studio where the set resides, for “Modern Family” on a secured lot? As in secured with security? In the form of armed guards? Armed with guns, not hashtags? I ask all these silly questions for relevance, your honor.

Because when self-righteous celebrities read into a camera saying “We’ll stand with you during this march,” I just wonder how they stand normally. Like if they stand between their camera and a security guard recently retired from the Marines.

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We know from past videos of wannabe stars videos like this, typically accompanied by sappy piano music, are not effective.

The Pretty People on Camera Demand videos mostly serve as fodder for gun-rights activists, such as ourselves, to mock and point with glee. (See: Celebrities band together to ‘reject the NRA and its dangerous agenda’ in new video)

I just wonder, as more memes are pointing out, where all the marches are for lonely male students who’re ostracized and singled out by their fellow classmates. Unloved by absent fathers, targeted by school bullies.

Maybe it would be nice to show a little love to the loner boys in high school. Rather than demonizing tools. (See: Hollywood Resistance puts all hopes of Trump impeachment on dramatic Alec Baldwin video)


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