Media Pushes ‘Blue’ Texas -- Here’s what really happened with turnout in Tuesday’s primaries
Media Pushes ‘Blue’ Texas -- Here’s what really happened with turnout in Tuesday’s primaries

So, that big liberal push we’ve been reading so much about in the media to turn Texas “blue” didn’t go according to plan. Boom goes the GOP turnout:

Sen. Ted Cruz said Tuesday night’s primaries in his home state of Texas once again rejected the media storyline that Democrats are gaining strength there.

Cruz, who is up for Senate re-election, won the Republican Texas primary with over 1.3 million votes out of more than 1.5 million GOP votes cast. The Democratic front-runner, Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, won his party’s primary with only 641,052 votes, out of just over 1 million votes cast for Democrats.

When asked about the higher turnout in both parties, Cruz said he was happy with how it turned out on the Republican side.

“In Texas last night we had a strong turnout for conservatives, it was really encouraging,” Cruz said. “The early vote numbers were quite good for Democrats, but at the end of the night, I was very gratified to win over 85 percent of the vote, to win 1.3 million votes, which is more than double what my Democratic opponent got.”

As for the marquee Senate race, Ted Cruz dominated:

Still red:

So much for the predictions:

“Still a pretty Republican state.” Ya think?

Dems, however, are still spinning. Here’s Wendy Davis, for example:

And Dems will point to turnout in Dem counties as proof:

As for the early vote numbers (EV), since the Secretary of State only reported the biggest counties, GOP areas were underrepresented in those breathless media reports:

Prediction: No blue wave likely, but still some moderate concern for the GOP:

Exit observation via Erick Erickson:

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