Not Even Breitbart Goes As Far As The New York Times Just Did
Not Even Breitbart Goes As Far As The New York Times Just Did

The New York Times was obliged to issue a major correction this week after an article attacking President Trump’s recently passed tax plan was proven wildly incorrect; falsely claiming a middle-income couple would owe nearly $4,000 more in federal taxes instead of actually receiving a refund.

The Times published the article in late February, called “Get to Know the New Tax Code” ahead of the national deadline; discussing how the new guidelines would impact a “hypothetical family” with a dual income and a 22% tax bracket.

The Trump hit-piece then claimed the “family would owe $3,896 more in taxes under the new law,” totally ignoring the couple’s “size-able deduction” for income.

The Times issued a formal correction to the inaccuracy days later, writing “An earlier version of this article incorrectly described the probable effect of the new tax law on a hypothetical couple’s 2018 tax bill.”

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“The projection for their 2018 taxes failed to indicate that the couple would probably be entitled to claim a sizable deduction for income earned from consulting. As a result of that deduction, the amount they would likely owe on taxes would decline by $43, not rise by $3,896.”

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