Condoleeza Rice Shuts Down MSNBC’s Trump is a Racist Claims
Condoleeza Rice Shuts Down MSNBC’s Trump is a Racist Claims

There’s a new poll out where 60% of Americans allegedly think Trump is a racist. Mind you, it’s a public poll. Those polled don’t have to be informed about issues. Or informed at all. Just answer their phones sometime before CNN gives them their talking points.

MSNBC saw the poll and said to themselves, “Selves, let’s a get a black Republican to bash Trump! Yay content!” So they rang Condoleeza Rice. The rub is, the former Secretary of State refused to play.

Thank Newsbusters for this:

CONDI: I do think we are going through a period of time where we are labeling each other and calling each other names.

MSNBC BECKY: Well, are we doing that, or is the president doing that?

CONDI: Nicole this started a long time before this president.

MSNBC BECKY: Yeah, but Trump worse Charlottesville yackity schmackity!

Secretary Rice’s response was, dare I say it, perfect.

I think we have to look at this broadly. We, as a country, have become a country of grievance. We as a country have become a country where ‘My grievance is superior to your grievance.’ And that’s not in the last year – that’s over the last several years. So, everybody needs to look in the mirror and say, ‘Why are divisions so deep and what part am I playing in making those divisions deep?’ Obviously with the situation in Charlottesville, that was unconscionable. Good people don’t actually carry torches at night in a very bad reminiscence of a time in our country which actually I experienced as a child. We need to focus on these broader trends that are tearing us apart, not just what the president says on any given day.

shaun of the dead cheers

That is about as measured and well reasoned a response one can create. Yes, Charlottesville was bad. Sure, Trump could think before he speaks. Or tweets. Holds a press conference. Maybe prior to tying his shoes, just to get into the habit of engaging the old noggin. But the country didn’t just suddenly become divisive once Donald Trump was elected. I’d argue it started with Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden going scorched Earth on conservative judicial picks. Then came cable news. Then came the internet. Anonymous avatars. You get it.

Now, we fight over an actor offering a director prayers after a heart attack. The left wants to blame Trump for “divisiveness”? Slow the rolls. Or when the left blasts an Olympian for celebrating a win and taking a selfie with Ivanka. (See: U.S. Olympian Gets BLASTED By Liberals On Twitter For Posing For A Selfie With Ivanka)

MSNBC wanted to talk about Trump. Rice wanted to talk about America. I’ll side with Rice.

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