The NRA Issues Scathing Response to #BoycottNRA
The NRA Issues Scathing Response to #BoycottNRA

#BoycottNRA has reached peak insanity (see Here Are The Companies That Caved to Leftist Anti-NRA Pressure and MUST WATCH: NRA’s Colion Noir Goes To Town On The Media for Glorifying Mass Shootings). By all implications, the massacre in Broward County Florida was the result of an enormous law enforcement failure. The Left instead wants to punish law-abiding gun owners like we’re out of control teenagers. No more TV. Or discounts on rental vehicles or hotels.

The NRA issued a response.

The law-abiding members of the NRA had nothing at all to do with the failure of that school’s security preparedness, the failure of America’s mental health system, the failure of the National Instant Check System or the cruel failures of both federal and local law enforcement.

Despite that, some corporations have decided to punish NRA membership in a shameful display of political and civic cowardice. In time, these brands will be replaced by others who recognize that patriotism and determined commitment to Constitutional freedoms are characteristics of a marketplace they very much want to serve.

Let it be absolutely clear. The loss of a discount will neither scare nor distract one single NRA member from our mission to stand and defend the individual freedoms that have always made America the greatest nation in the world.

In other words:


If the businesses want to cave to the left’s demands, all the power to them. It’s their businesses, and although it is a terrible business decision, it is theirs to make. We’re not about to tell those companies how to conduct their business. None the less, the companies are cowardly for refusing to stick to their guns. #GunPuns. Not to mention the strategy seems questionable at the very least.

Giving 5,000,000 likely customers (And in all honesty pretty much all Conservatives, not just NRA members) the finger hardly seems like a solid business model.

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Leftists think they can manipulate us into forking over our boomsticks with insults and threats of full-priced rental cars.

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Not gonna happen. No amount of #BoycottNRA is going to make firearm aficionados resent their Smith & Wessons. I guess “from my cold dead hands” wasn’t clear enough. (See: WATCH: Badass Teacher Tells ABC Why She Carries a Glock, Why Other Teachers Should…)

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